Mental Optimisation

Mental optimisation is about unlocking the full potential of natures greatest creation: the human brain, an organic quantum supercomputer that our consciousness is entangled with and hardwired into. Everything within the reality we perceive and experience is a holographic projection of energy fields and frequencies that the brain receives, decodes and then renders a display of through our eyes. When optimised, the brain is open to receive and interact with a much wider spectrum of these energies and frequencies, greatly expanding not only the amount of information available to us but our efficiency at processing and utilising it. When fulfilled we are initiated into higher levels of consciousness, we unlock senses previously inept and dormant due to our lack of sensitivity to these energies and under-usage of these areas of the brain. Maximising the capabilities of the brain is not only the process of upgrading your neural architecture and networking abilities, but also that of unifying the sub conscious self with the conscious ego self. To fully reap the benefits on what the brain is capable of It requires both work in the material realm and also that in the mental realm.

In the material realm, we look to develop our mental attributes such as focus, critical thinking, memory, retention, creativity etc., all mediated through neurochemical, electrical and photonic measures. We aim to create an environment in our body where it not only enhances the rate of neurogenesis but to also limits neurodegenerative factors, so with the more neurons we grow, we also work to keep as many as possible.

In the mental realm, through introspective practices the key is to learn and understand the archetypical personalities present in our psyche and how these manifest within our own ego and decision making throughout the day. Recognising their influence on our emotions, reactions, impulses & desires, we can learn to switch off auto pilot mode and increase our conscious awareness within the moment of action. Through the coordinated integration of the sub-conscious into our conscious wake-full state, we can begin to illuminate the shadow self, unshackling and freeing ourselves from our own animalistic nature & instincts. In doing so we become King / Queen of our own divine kingdom (the mind), fully conscious, fully aware, reality is there to be created to our will.

The ultimate goal of mental optimisation is to effectively synchronise both of the left and right brain, through increasing hemispheric coherency we develop a new perceptive lens to view our world through. Seeing reality through the combination of both the logical & analytical left hemisphere of the brain and that of the imaginative/creative & intuitive right hemisphere of the brain. This allows us to see the bigger picture, the parts of which that make it and also how they fit together. In essence it allows us to mentally embody the axiom "order out of chaos". 

Below are subjects and topics we believe help in this optimisation process and what you can expect to see from us in relation to products, services, posts etc. You can call these the Primal Alchemy Mental Optimisation Protocols (PAMOPs)

Neurofeedback ~ Binaural Beats ~ Audio-Visual Entrainment ~ Nootropics ~ Jungian Psychology ~ Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation tDCS ~ Visualisation ~ DHA ~ Micro-Dosing ~ Sensory Deprivation ~ Sleep ~ Mnemonics ~ Flow State Awareness ~ Brain Wave Modulation ~ Affirmations ~ Self Hypnosis ~ Neurotoxin Detoxification ~ Vagal Nerve Stimulation ~ Holotropic Breathing ~ Neurogenesis ~ Polymaths