Physcial Optimisation

At its foundation, physical optimisation is the art of fully maximising the capabilities of the vessel that your consciousness resides in, our body and the bridge between the two which is our blood. First we must begin to look at our bodies for what they really are: holographic bio-electric machines that we have been equipped with in order to experience this life through, with which when fully optimised allows us to physically recreate and manifest any vision of our minds eye into three dimensional space. As a holographic bio-electrical being, information of the whole can be found in any of the lesser parts and our cells communicate this information to and from our internal and external environment via chemical (blood), electrical (electrons) & light (photons) messaging pathways within the body for every action initiated by our conscious and unconscious awareness. Prized physical attributes such as strength, power, speed, endurance, balance etc., are all rooted in the bodies ability to facilitate these cellular communications in a clear and uninterrupted manner. When we correctly train the body and supply it with the appropriate tools to potentiate these cellular and energetic messaging pathways, we begin to bio-hack into our internal hardware, allowing us to effectively upgrade the processing power and speed of this circuit, which is then mirrored through superhuman esque like attributes and a greatly increased body intelligence. 

The ultimate goal of physical optimisation is to create an environment within our body which increases the level of cellular conductivity potential, promoting electrons clouds to form outside of the cellular membrane, allowing us to attract photons (light energy/information) to flow through us with as little resistance as possible and supercharge our cellular mitochondria. From this we can essentially activate a superconductive state within our body. When our inner-verse reaches a superconductive state, we begin to channel cosmic energy through us, in turn raising our vibrational level, activating our DNA potential, which leads us to higher states of consciousness and living potential. In order to initiate this peak level of physical existence we must look to the ancient axiom "As Above So Below". We must mirror and align the vibration of our microcosmic self which is expressed energetically at a cellular level, with the macrocosmic self which is the governing universal forces of nature, creating a harmonic relationship between our internal and external space.

Below are subjects and topics we believe help in this optimisation process and what you can expect to see from us in relation to products, services, posts etc. You can call these the Primal Alchemy Physical Optimisation Protocols (PAPOPs)

Weighted Calisthenics ~ Plyometrics ~ HITT ~ Powerlifting ~ Olympic Lifting ~ Movement Training ~ Mobility Training ~ Russian Kettlebells & Indian Clubs ~ Gymnastics ~ Yoga ~ Proprioception & Balance Training ~ Blood Flow Modulation ~ Eccentric Loading ~ Wim Hoff Breathing ~ Gut Microbiome Health ~ Bio-Electricity ~ Mitochondria Biogenesis ~ Liver Detoxification ~ Chronobiology / Circadian Rhythms ~ Cyclical Ketosis ~ Intermittent Fasting ~ Monatomic Elements ~ EMF/PEMFs ~ Quantum Biology ~ Cryotherapy ~ Myofascial Meridians ~ Raw Foods ~ Organic ~ Biodynamic ~ Bio-photons & Bio-Photomodulation ~ Paleo ~ Adaptogenic Herbs ~ Supplements ~ Longevity ~ Fermented Foods ~ Orgone Energy ~ Telomere Protection ~ DNA Activation ~ Cellular Voltage ~ Divine Proportion ~ Epigenetics ~ Sport Science ~ Naturopathy ~ Ayurveda ~ Herbalism ~ Acupuncture ~ C60 Fullerene ~ Structured Water ~ Body & Cellular PH ~ Chestahedron Heart ~ Aromatherapy ~ Grounding ~ Reflexology ~ Parasitic Cleansing ~ Enemas ~ Cerebrospinal Fluid Activation