Spiritual Optimisation

Spiritual optimisation is the path of reuniting with our higher self, the eternal self that transcends this matrix and time, it is to truely “know thyself”. It is the understanding of the laws and energies that govern not only the entirety of this universe but ourselves also, through this understanding we can begin to live the spiritual life. By aligning ourselves to the natural cycles of nature & learning to read and interpret its language, we can can develop our sense of how it communicates with us and how to act on these messages accordingly.

To gain conscious access to these communications we must first activate the etheric and mystical properties of the hardware built into all of us. The human brain can be viewed fundamentally as a spiritual radio receiver which acts in partnership with our DNA and rDNA, being that of an antenna. While these two are utilised to capture, extract and process information from the cosmic energy fields we bathe in, It is the heart this is key to this equation, it is through the heart that true awakening is accomplished, the heart can be seen as an amplifier of these spiritual energies, the more open our heart is, the stronger we resonate with these vibrations and the stronger these messages will appear to us to guide us on our path.

So what is our true path?, we must undergo our own heroes journey in this life, a quest of self actualisation for our own holy grail. Of course this is no easy feat, we will need to have achieved both physical and mental optimisation by the time we are confronted with the dragon (our deepest fear) which guards the holy grail and the key to our accession. For the best chance of completing our quest, we need to initiate ourselves into the mysteries of the universe, being guided only by the truth and wisdom in our heart while adhering to the immutable by laws of nature. We must work in both our wakeful state and also in our dream state, to access the astral realm and the teachings it brings. If this journey is successfully undertaken then it is expected that we will undergo a form of death in the process, an ego death of the old self, leading to a spiritual rebirth of the golden ascended self. Everyones journey is different in life but the holy grail we all seek is the same: the ultimate truth, which in essence is found only through the alchemical marriage of the masculine and feminine energies within us, the unification of the two primordial universal polarities. The golden path to transcendence is found within the harmonic balance of these two energies, this can only be accomplished through the deep understanding of self which comes from completing micro-cycles of our own heroes journey throughout the overall macro-cycle of life, strengthening the spirit through facing and overcoming adversity, and through the continuous opening of the heart to universal love.

The ultimate goal of spiritual optimisation is to activate our chakra energy centres/endocrine glands and our cranial-sacral pump to initiate the energy flow of cerebrospinal fluid around our central nervous system. By doing so we can awaken our throne of the soul, the pineal gland within our brain, so that we can produce DMT (dimethyltryptamine) consciously, this then allows us to access a state of awareness where we are one with the universal collective unconscious and we gain true spiritual vision which is insight into our inner universe.

Below are subjects and topics we believe help in the optimisation process and what you can expect to see from us in relation to products, services, posts etc. You can call these the Primal Alchemy Spiritual Optimisation Protocols (PASOPs)

Meditation ~ Kundalini ~ Alchemy ~ Anthroposophy ~ Chakra Activation ~ Cymatics ~ Theosophy ~ Shamanism ~ Ancient History ~ Crystals ~ Electro-Magnetism ~ Toroidal Energy ~ Transpersonal Psychology ~ Self-Actualisation ~ Lucid Dreaming ~ Astral Projection ~ Magick ~ Entheogens ~ Oneiromancy ~ Astrology ~ Numerology ~ Psi ~ Sacred Geometry ~ Mythology ~ The Heroes Journey ~ Mystical Experiences ~ Pineal Gland Decalcification ~ Sungazing ~ Shambhavi Mudra