woke af statement

Dating far back into pre antiquity, humans have always been experimenting with self made herbal elixirs to strengthen and fortify their mind, body and spirit. In our previous golden age we were one with nature and knew intuitively what to ingest in order to upgrade our physical, mental and spiritual capabilities. The ancient Greeks personified true health through the two Gods; Asclepius the God of medicine and healing & his daughter Hygieia the Goddess of health who's compendium of knowledge of the human body helped us live strong and fulfilled lives, disease free and enabled us to maximise our potential. As aeons passed, we began to fall out of balance with these natural forces and in turn lost our inherent wisdom concerning true health, surrendering our power and wellbeing century after century to the so called medical authorities of the time who worshiped only Asclepius and what he represents. In order to keep the old wisdom safe, it had to be safely secured amongst groups tasked with preserving this knowledge, ready for when the world would be ready to be presented with it.

A chance to reclaim this once long lost compendium of knowledge resurfaced in recent times when humans began to look for ways to quench the thirst, the thirst of accessing the potential the human body has at its disposal through attaining true health without the dogmatic medical authoritative figures intervening. A whole industry was built upon this quest; it would become to be known as the health and fitness industry. But every story is embedded with trials and adversity, and through our lack of connection with and understanding of what true health is, ours is no different.

false prophets entered the industry promising insane PBs and enlightenment gains, disguised behind the veil of gleaming smiles from juiced up fitness gurus and starved centrefold models, endorsing their latest toxic conception. Many fell victim, but to the initiated, their true intention was hidden in plain sight; from their badly named and under dosed proprietary blends, to the inferior ingredient quality used though-out. These malevolent entities cared not for the people they supposedly served but only for profit and accolades. the dark age of the health and fitness world had taken over.

But hope was not lost, as this darkness was but the mere shadow of the great light to come. Stories were being passed from all corners of the fitness world, from the free weights rack to the treadmills and rowing machines, from the yoga studio to the callisthenics bars. A story to keep the faith, a story of the stars foretelling the return of the coming golden age, where honour would be restored to the old Gods and balance regained. An age where one could consume a health beverage knowing soundly that it was completely organic and void of all evil GMOs and artificial poisons. An age where 100% of the formulation was disclosed on the label, and ingredients could be traced back to their origin & source.

The stars have aligned and the time nigh, the golden age has arrived.

Primal Alchemy’s WOKE AF INITIATIVE was created not to set us apart from the competition but to awaken the health industry and usher in a new era for human potential and performance. We are truely in this to help you on your path of becoming your ultimate higher self, and to show that you shouldn’t expect nothing less than the best when improving yourself. This refers to the means of our own products or by any other businesses & brands.  

Below is a rundown of what we offer and believe should be a natural right when it comes to investing in your own health.