BLUblox Lennon Sleep+ Glasses (Blue Light Blockers)

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Primal Alchemy are pleased to team up with our friends over at BLUblox to offer you the worlds most advanced & dopest designed blue light blocking glasses on the market so you can protect your eyes and circadian clock without sacrificing any style points in the process.

  • 👓  THE WORLD’S MOST ADVANCED LIGHT FILTERING EYE WEAR - Effectively block 100% of harmful concentrated blue/green light (400-550nm) from artificial TV/Mobile Phone/Computer/iPad digital screens & indoor fluorescent lighting.
  • 👁️  ANTI-EYESTRAIN & HEADACHE RELIEF - Signature red lenses to eliminate digital eye strain and migraines experienced from prolonged & excessive unprotected exposure to concentrated artificial blue light throughout the day and night time, helping to prevent macular degeneration & insomnia.
  • 💤  NATURAL SLEEP AID - Advanced lens technology aids melatonin secretion and reduces sleep cycle disruption, helping you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake up feeling more energised.
  • 🔆  DRUG FREE MOOD ENHANCER - Excessive blue light exposure raises the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your brain, which reduces the levels of the feed good neurotransmitter hormones dopamine & serotonin. Rebalance your brain chemistry naturally to eliminate unwanted feelings of anxiety & depression.
  • 😎  PREMIUM STYLE UNISEX FRAMES - Lennon, quirky, alternative and arty, stand out from the crowd. Lightweight handcrafted frames made from custom metal alloy with premium spring hinges for the ultimate comfort experience. Nose pads included for extra comfort.