Quantum Field Energy Therapy

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with the Quantum Field Energy Therapy service, we use the state of the art Inergetix-CoRe™ system technology to scan, re-code and re-harmonise your quantum/morphogenic energy field without you even having to be physically present.

CoRe Therapy involves a series of remote frequency treatments, created on the system and broadcast to you after a holographic connection to your energy field is made. The benefits are immediate and each treatment merges with the next one seamlessly, creating a continuous flow of healing energy.

Using the Inergetix-CoRe™ we can check any issue of interest. The system database contains thousands of items and hundreds of themes to choose from and they all contain answers to your questions. You can check for pathogens, emotional or mental themes, imbalanced organs or meridians, as well as affirmations or actions that will lead to success.

Some of the benefits of Quantum Field Energy Therapy include;

  • Strengthen immunity, vitality, cellular health and physical wellness.
  • Detect and neutralise fungus, bacteria, virus and other sources of disease.
  • To stabilise and balance thoughts, behavioural patterns and emotional reactions.
  • Heal and harmonise relationships, be they with a colleague, friend or relative and even with a deceased person.
  • Test what supplements or nutrition changes you may need.