Khronic Chi MCT Oil

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Khronic Chi MCT is a potent plant based oil elixir, infusing 1000mg of organic hemp extract with Caprylic (C8) & Capric (C10) Acid (MCT). It can be utilised as a quick source of energy to attain Demi-God levels of physical & mental performance by increasing available ATP and enhancing ketone production capability.

  • 50mg of hemp extract per serving for full spectrum holistic vitality and zen state levels of consciousness.
  • C8 MCT concentrate derived from sustainably sourced organic coconuts for a fat fuelled physical & mental energy boost. 
  • ABSOLUTELY FREE OF: Artificial; Sweeteners, Flavours, Colours, Preservatives, Binding & Filling Agents, GMOs, Gluten, Soy and Hydrogenated Fats.
  • Prana charged to 432Hz and contained in miron glass for maximal energetic potency and protection