Optimised AF™ Complete Programmes

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The Optimised AF™ complete programme is our Ancestral Potential's flagship coaching plan. Comprised of both the Demi-God Fitness™ & Quantum Fuel Nutrition™ programmes, this is the plan for those souls who are serious about upgrading their avatars capabilities to the max and experiencing life at level 100. 

  • Develop the strength of Hercules, the power of Zeus and the speed of Mercury with a tailor made exercise programme scientifically designed to upgrade your physical capabilities to the max.
  • Exclusively functional exercises only, train the body as a holistic whole so the gainz you make are more than just aesthetically pleasing but will allow you to live life strong, powerful, mobile and injury free.
  • Nourish your mind, body & soul with our ancestral ketogenic powered diet plan. Experience the ancient secret & modern discovery of how photons & electrons in our food are what really power us on the cellular level and allow for optimal epigenetic expression.
  • Become a keto certified fat burning machine and detach yourself from food cravings and sugar addiction. Enjoy natures most nutrient dense foods with no sacrifice to taste as we supply you with delicious gourmet recipe ideas for the superfoods on your shopping list. 

All of this and more included in your Optimised AF™ complete programme package. For more information on either the Demi-God Fitness™ or Quantum Fuel Nutrition™ programmes please view the specified page of each.