Initiated Threadz™

Initiated Threadz™ is our premium line of organic streetwear clothing. Ethically sourced and consciously inspired to represent contemporary spiritual beliefs & values. Represent the Primal Alchemy tribe with some of the dopest designs you will find in the 3rd dimension and make a statement wherever your adventures take you. 


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Primal Matrix Snapback - PrimalAlchemyPrimal Matrix Snapback - PrimalAlchemy
Sale price29.99 GBP
Astral Glitch Hoodie - PrimalAlchemyAstral Glitch Hoodie - PrimalAlchemy
Sale price69.99 GBP
1 review
Matrix Logo T-Shirt - PrimalAlchemyMatrix Logo T-Shirt - PrimalAlchemy
Sale price34.99 GBP
Nebula Logo T-Shirt - PrimalAlchemyNebula Logo T-Shirt - PrimalAlchemy
Sale price34.99 GBP