pine pollen

We only use superior grade Pine Pollen in our products which is Di Tao sourced and sustainably wild harvested from the magical Qiandao Lake in China, a national 5a scenic spot free from pollutants and other potential contaminants. We proudly source from this region as it is regarded as Pine Pollen’s authentic true source of origin and spiritual homeland.

Using state of the art low temp airflow & vibration technology, our Pine Pollen has its cell wall safely cracked making its inherent nutritional constituents bioavailable, increasing their absorbability & effectiveness. 


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Transcended Pine Pollen ∞ The King of Pollen - PrimalAlchemyTranscended Pine Pollen ∞ The King of Pollen - PrimalAlchemy
Pineal Pollen® ∞ Prana Charged® Mind & Spirit Elixir - PrimalAlchemyPineal Pollen® ∞ Prana Charged® Mind & Spirit Elixir - PrimalAlchemy
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Prana Bottle ∞ Water Energiser - PrimalAlchemyPrana Bottle ∞ Water Energiser - PrimalAlchemy
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Bamboo Herbal Elixir Glass - PrimalAlchemyBamboo Herbal Elixir Glass - PrimalAlchemy
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