#103 Darwinite ∞ 21.0g

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Authentic Darwinite sourced from the surrounding regions of Mount Darwin, Tasmania. This Darwinite piece has been Prana Charged™.

Forged by the alchemical union of cosmic fire and planet earth, Darwinite also known as Darwin Glass encapsulates the divine energies of both the terrestrial and celestial realms. A relatively young tektite born through the impact of a large meteorite that crashed into Mount Darwin, Tasmania roughly 816,000 years ago. The immense collision caused the meteorite and terrestrial rock to evaporate into gas before then raining down in liquid form, condensing, solidifying and atomically bonding to create this supernatural stone.

As with tektites of all varieties, Darwinite is an extremely high-energy stone with a strong etheric connection to both the heart and third eye chakras, which lends itself to be of great assistance when used in intuition based spiritual practices. Not only does Darwinite work with these chakras individually, it also unifies the energetic connection between them. Helping bring balance between one’s heart and mind; allowing the awakening of one’s heart intelligence.