#137 Lemurian Brandberg Amethyst

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Authentic Brandberg Amethyst sourced from Brandberg Mountain in Western Namibia. This Brandberg Amethyst piece has been Prana Charged™.

Brandberg Amethyst is a uniquely special species of quartz which can only  be found within the Gobobseb & Brandberg Mountains of Western Namibia. This area has a rich & sacred history amongst the indigenous San (bushmen) people who refer to it as the “Mountains of the Gods”, a holy site that is believed to be an epicentre of spiritual energy. It is then of no surprise to find that a very unique blend of amethyst, smokey quartz and clear quartz known today as Brandberg Amethyst crystal is exclusively found in this region.

Combining the master healing qualities of the violet flame contained within amethyst with both the ethereal amplifying power of clear quartz and the grounding force of smokey quartz, Brandberg Amethyst holds a very high vibration which resonates and attunes to all seven chakras. A great crystal for those working with subtle energy, healers and seekers looking to connect with the divine through meditative or shamanic practices. An amazing all round stone to add to any collection for holistic mind, body and soul optimisation.