#175 Agni Manitite ∞ 13.6g

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Authentic Agni Manitite sourced from Java, Indonesia. This Agni Manitite piece has been Prana Charged™.

Forged by the alchemical union of cosmic fire and planet earth, Agni Manitite encapsulates the divine energies of both the terrestrial and celestial realms. A newly discovered and extremely rare magical tektite named after the Sanskrit term for “pearl of divine fire”, it was born through the impact of a large meteorite that crashed into what is now known today as the Indonesian archipelago at an unknown time period in earth’s history. The immense collision caused the meteorite and terrestrial rock to evaporate into gas before then raining down in liquid form, condensing, solidifying and atomically bonding to create this supernatural stone.

Considered as the stone of Krishna and allured to as one of the few ‘Mani Jewels’ within Buddhist philosophy, Agni Manitite is known to activate our kundalini energy and assist in awakening a transformational shift in consciousness for its wearer. Used in the orient as a talisman of great power, Polynesian tribal elders believe this stone brings with it wealth and fertility. This pearl of fire resonates directly with the solar plexus chakra and increases our connection to our own personal intuitive wisdom. A great choice for anyone looking to channel an abundance of confidence in aid of manifesting a dream, goal or heart’s desire alongside the energy to attain it.