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Authentic Elite Shungite sourced at Zazhoginskoe field, Lake Onega, Republic of Karelia, Russia. This Elite Shungite piece has been Prana Charged™.

Shungite is a 2 billion year old ancient mineral technology, which due to its unique C60 molecular structure and natural fullerene content possesses a wide spectrum of applicational uses such as; water purification, protection against EMF radiation & geopathic stressors and is also a powerful metaphysical energy tool for chakra rebalancing and revitalising spiritual health.

Shungite can only be found in one place on Earth, near Lake Onega in the Republic of Karelia, Russia. It's true origin is still unknown with multiple theories being put forth since it was first named and researched in 1880; ranging from lightning strikes to the natural process of petrification. The most viable and universally agreed upon of these theories is that Shungite was created through the result of an ancient meteorite impact, with the oldest known meteorite crater on Earth being the Suavjärvi crater located 30 miles from Lake Onega that impacted 2.4 billion years ago, which lines up with the known age of Shungite.

This unique mineral has been known to the local people in the region of Lake Onega for thousands of years, but was first chronicled in the annals of history when Peter the Great of Russia learnt of its extraordinary properties in the early 18th century and ordered for a healing spa known as the 'Martial Waters' to be built so that the Tsar himself, his family and court could bathe in the Shungite infused waters for treatment against illness. He also ordered a decree that his soldiers were to carry a piece of Shungite rock with them to increase their vitality in battle and use it to disinfect their water supplies, thus avoiding the dysentery that so often plagued armies of those times.

We source authentic Elite Shungite from the Republic of Karelia in Russia. Elite Shungite is extremely rare and is the most revered form of Shungite making up only 1% of the yield from what is mined. Elite Shungite contains 98% of a unique carbon composition not found anywhere else in nature. It is this form of Shungite that is distinguishable from the lesser grades by its silvery metallic shine that has the most profound healing and metaphysical properties, which is why it is named Elite/Nobel/Silver Shungite.