#226 Moldavite ∞ 3.1g

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Authentic Moldavite mined from the region surrounding the Vlatava river in the Czech Republic. This Moldavite piece has been Prana Charged™.

Moldavite is one of the 12 synergy stones that are known to be the highest vibrational crystals on the planet and when collected and used together will help accelerate our spiritual evolution.

Forged by the alchemical union of cosmic fire and planet earth, Moldavite is the world's highest vibrational crystal that encapsulates the divine energies of both the terrestrial & celestial realms. A rare magical tektite born through the impact of a large meteorite that crashed into what is now known as the Czech Republic roughly 14.8 million years ago. The immense collision caused the meteorite and terrestrial rock to evaporate into gas before then raining down in liquid form, condensing, solidifying and atomically bonding to create this supernatural stone.

Moldavite is revered for its ability to dramatically enhance psychic potential, activate all of the seven chakras and rapidly accelerate one's spiritual evolution, earning its popular title 'the stone of destiny' as it is believed to synchronistically guide the beholder to their true life calling. Moldavite is one of the rare crystals where you can feel its energy instantly, commonly inducing the experience known as the 'Moldavite flush', a sudden opening of the heart charka. It has appeared in numerous myths and mystical literatures throughout time and is speculated to be the 'Holy Grail' mentioned in Arthurian legend.