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Authentic Phenacite sourced from Myanmar (Burma). This Phenacite piece has been Prana Charged™.

Phenacite is one of the 12 synergy stones that are known to be the highest vibrational crystals on the planet and when collected and used together will help accelerate our spiritual evolution.

Phenacite is an extremely powerful and intense metaphysical stone. A rare beryllium silicate mineral that gets its name from the Greek word meaning “deceiver”, due to it commonly being misidentified as quartz. Deposits of it can be found from all over the world, in multiple continents and countries such as Russia, Zambia, Colorado USA and where it is believed to produce the highest grade purest Phenacite on the planet, Brazil.

Due to its high energy frequency/vibration, Phenacite is one of the supreme spiritual crystals; with an ability to connect, energise and link both the third eye and crown chakras which allows for powerful visionary intuitive experiences and inter-dimensional travel within. Phenacite is regarded as the ultimate light body activator and helps facilitate downloads of spiritual knowledge and initiate communication with the divine higher Angelic realms. Phenacite will help accelerate the users personal growth; physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually when worked with daily.