Cosmic Carbon ∞ Water Purification & EMF Protection

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Cosmic Carbon is a 2 billion year old ancient mineral technology known as Shungite, which due to its unique C60 molecular structure and natural fullerene content possesses a wide spectrum of applicational uses such as; water purification, protection against EMF radiation & geopathic stressors and is also a powerful metaphysical energy tool for chakra rebalancing and revitalising spiritual health.

We source authentic Elite Shungite from the Republic of Karelia in Russia. Elite Shungite is extremely rare and is the most valued and revered form of Shungite, containing 98% of a unique carbon composition not found anywhere else in nature.

1x 100g bag contains approximately 50 stones.


Place 50g of Cosmic Carbon stones into a 1L glass pitcher of water. Allow a minimum time of 6 hours for the Shungite to purify and rejuvenate the water. For best results we recommend a time frame of 12-24 hours, a good practice would be to leave the stones in water overnight and then consume the water in 2x 500ml servings throughout the next day before repeating. 


Place a handful of Cosmic Carbon stones next to major electrical appliances around the house, such as; wifi routers, desktop computers or personal laptops and any smart or wireless devices.


Carry a handful of Cosmic Carbon stones with you throughout the day either in a pocket or create your own magical jewellery to wear. An effortless way to enjoy Shungite is to sleep with some under your pillow at night. For a great meditative experience, lay down and place a few stones on your third eye, heart and pelvic regions whilst holding a handful in your non dominant hand in order to absorb the purifying and revitalising Shungite energy.


Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest any of the stones. Avoid prolonged contact with metals and plastics when using for water treatment.