The Red Pill Intel Pack

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The Red Pill Intel Pack is the ultimate red pill for understanding and escaping the matrix, use these tools wisely, numerous advanced civilisations have risen & fallen throughout time in pursuit of the knowledge contained within. If researched thoroughly, these pieces of art will change your life forever. Now prepare for initiation.

The pack consists of the 3 following premium A4 Prints all prana charged with a state of the art orgone generator at 432Hz;

  • The Superhuman Optimisation Map (Pearlescent): The Superhuman Optimisation Map is history's ultimate compendium of knowledge for self mastery & ascension, creating a new holistic & integrative model for awakening one's divine potential. Unifying ancient esoteric wisdom teachings with 21st century peak state performance science, this guide-map will take you on a journey of self discovery through space and time. Learn how to optimise yourself physically, mentally & spiritually to unlock dormant god-like powers and evolve into a living superhuman.
  • The Great Awakening Map (Exclusive Primal Alchemy Print): The Great Awakening Map has been spotted on 8chan in accompaniment to the Q-Map, and has played a vital role in the great awakening across the entire globe. Discover the secrets of our ancient past and trace the forbidden chronology of the human race throughout the ages. 
  • The Cult of Baal Map: No one said that taking out a 6000 year old death cult would be easy, but we’re here to do it anyways. This map follows a timeline of an occult belief system that relishes in human sacrifice & war, and uses banking as a tool for global domination. Use this to learn about the history, structure & operations of the ancient control pyramid that rules over this planet.

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