Transcended Lion's Mane ∞ Mushroom of the Mountain Monks

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Transcended Lion's Mane is a potent Prana Charged 10:1 concentrated tonic mushroom extract powder. Using only superior grade Lion's Mane fruiting body that is Di Tao sourced, organically grown & semi wild harvested from Hailin County in Heilongjiang Province, China. This region is regarded as its authentic true source of origin and spiritual homeland.

Carefully processed using ancestral Pao Zhi methods to optimally prepare the herb before being expertly dual extracted in alignment with the wisdom of traditional Chinese herbalism in order to unlock and express the Lion's Mane’s truest potential. 

The only Lion's Mane extract in the world to be Prana Charged with a state of the art quantum orgone energy generator. Charged to 432Hz and contained in premium miron glass.

  • 🚫 FREE FROM mycelium, starches, dextrins, extraction solvents, GMOs, dairy & gluten.

EU Regulation on nutrition and health limits us giving any nutrition or health claims on our products. This does not mean you can’t research your own information on the internet, concerning our products and the ingredients we use in our formulas. Please look at our reviews to see validated experiences from our customers. 


    Lions Mane (Hericium Erinaceus) Fruiting Body 10:1 Dual Extract*

    *Di Tao sourced, organically grown & semi wild harvested 

    100% Free of Mycelium, GMO’s, Gluten, Dairy, Fillers, Bulking Agents, Starches & Dextrins 

    Serving Size: 1g

    Total Servings: 40


    Mix 1g of powder into filtered water, or add to your favourite tea, smoothie or herbal elixir.

    Prana Charged 

    Prana Charged™ is the ultimate unification of ancient ancestral wisdom with 21st century science. Harmoniously integrating both systems of knowledge through a revolutionary process of infusing vital orgone energy into our products.


    DI TAO Sourced


    Here at Primal Alchemy, we always stress the importance of eating locally and in season with the immediate environment. By eating in accordance to the natural cycles of nature, we receive the nutrients needed to thrive in the seasonal conditions & demand, fine tune our energy field to harmonise with the land we walk upon and strengthen our connection to the source of our God self.

    In traditional Chinese medicine there is a philosophy that encompasses all of the above but in the context of medicinal herbs. Di Tao is the traditional Chinese concept of sourcing the tonic herb from its spiritual homeland, its authentic true source & habitat. It is in this region only, where the environment is optimal, that the herb will grow to become the most phytochemically rich, potent & balanced.

    The underlying belief in Di Tao philosophy is that herbs that grow in one region will differ from another region. Everything must be taken into consideration throughout the lifespan of the herb to potentiate its healing qualities, such as the water that nurtures it, the soil that feeds it, the insects & microorganisms that live symbiotically with it and also how it is cultivated and finally prepared.

    Advisory Information

    *none of these statements have been evaluated by the Food Standards Agency. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication or under medical supervision, please consult a healthcare professional before use. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Not intended for persons under the age of 18.
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