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Zen Warrior 2.0 is a potent herbal formula designed to cultivate & invigorate powerful levels of life force energy from within. Trusted for 1000s of years throughout the mystical Asian & Vedic lands, the ancient wisdom contained within our alpha herbal matrix formula is rich in essential amino acids, B vitamins and other vitalising phytochemicals that will optimise your workouts both physically and mentally.

The only pre-workout nootropic in the world to be Prana Charged with a state of the art quantum orgone energy generator. Charged to 432Hz and contained in premium miron glass for maximal energetic potency and protection.

  • 👑 PREMIER 100% HERBAL PRE-WORKOUT FORMULA blend of Chinese herbalism royalty including Polyrhachis Ant, traditionally known as the “King of Herbs” & Panax Ginseng. Both elite class herbal adaptogens, these will upgrade your resilience to physical & mental stress, increase life force energy available for strenuous exercise and will optimise cognitive functioning. 
  • 🥇 WOLRD RECORD & GOLD MEDAL WINNING INGREDIENT containing organic Cordyceps Mushroom extract which China disclosed as their secret to setting 5 world records in track & field at the 1993 Beijing National Games, used to increase their athletes physical peak performance threshold.
  • 💪 NATURE’S ULTIMATE TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER high in zinc formula incorporating KSM-66® Ashwagandha extract that is known to assist in lean muscle mass development, amplify strength & power potential, reduce fatigue and increase endurance.
  • 🔋 SUPERCHARGED CELLULAR ENERGY powered with authentic Himalayan Shilajit containing 80+ minerals in their ionic form combined with fulvic & humic compounds for maximal bioavailability to help nourish all vital bodily organs and upgrade mitochondria performance. 
  • 🚫 FREE FROM mycelium, starches, dextrins, extraction solvents, GMOs, soy & gluten. 


  • Increases physical energy levels
  • Improves cognitive performance
  • Aids in lean muscle mass development 
  • Supports healthy testosterone levels
  • Improves cardiovascular endurance


Polyrhachis Mountain Ant 50:1 Extract*, Cordyceps Militaris (Fruiting Body) Extract 30% Beta Glucan)**, KSM-66 Ashwagandha Root Extract**, Purified Himalayan Shilajit Extract 50% Fulvic Acid*, Panax Ginseng Root Extract 10% Ginsenoside**

Pullulan Vegetarian Capsule Shell (Fermented Tapioca Starch)

* donates Di Tao sourced & wild harvested ingredient

** donates Di Tao sourced & organically cultivated ingredient 


Consume 8x capsules with filtered water upon wake or 10 minutes before vigorous physical/mental activity. For optimal results, cycle 5 days on, 2 days off. Store in a dry place and away from children.

Prana Charged™ 

Prana Charged™ is the ultimate unification of ancient ancestral wisdom with 21st century science. Harmoniously integrating both systems of knowledge through a revolutionary process of infusing vital orgone energy into our Fuel of the Gods™ supplement line.

This is truely multi-dimensional holistic nutrition as you are not only absorbing a full spectrum of nourishing macro & micro nutrients from our products, you are also receiving multiple subtle energetic nutrients that vitalise the non physical aspect of yourself. These are the life force energies that our ancient ancestors from all across the world & time referred to as Chi, Mana and Prana amongst other names. Having spent many aeons studying the nature & application of these energies and how to cultivate them from within, the teaching were kept secret within royal priesthoods & mystical orders to preserve & safeguard this sacred energy science throughout history.

We now have the technology to isolate, concentrate & infuse these powerful energies into our supplements. Using a state of the art orgone generator and other complimentary quantum energy tools to potentiate our formulas, allowing you to customise your Zen Warrior with specific energy imprints that align with your desired goals, be that physical, mental or spiritual.

Not only is every product in our Fuel of the Gods™ supplement range infused with powerful orgone & prana energy, we also have the ability to tune that energy to specific frequencies, the vibration of which is then imprinted into the energy field of the product which stores the information of that frequency for the desired effect.

We offer a wide selection of our favourite charges that we have put together for you to really deliver a full spectrum of frequencies and their associated benefits. We have 10 possible charges to choose from. Each product is pre charged to 432 Hz as a base, this is our cosmic OM attunement pack;

432 Hz ∞ Cosmic OM Attunement

Tuned to 432 Hz, the frequency of OM and a sacred number known to be the governing resonance of the natural living universe, encoding within it the secrets of eternal life & enlightenment. A great starting point and overall all rounder, brining your physical, mental & spiritual bodies into harmony with one another & the flow of life.

Our 9 premium prana charges are split into 3 specialised charge groups: Mind Charge™, Body Charge™ & Soul Charge™, please refer to each specific tab for the complete frequency menu. 

Mind Charge

Mind Charge™ infuses prana energy into your superfood supplement purifying its vital essence and maximising its energetic potency & potential. Simultaneously we encode specific frequencies that are known to entrain & attune the mental body into the desired state of consciousness below.


Tuned to 7.5 Hz, explore your imagination with theta waveform integration for increased cerebral lucidity & vivd flow states of consciousness. Great choice for individuals looking to improve their memory & creativity.


Tuned to 8 Hz, a low alpha waveform charge to relax and calm the mind from excess stress & tension. Popular with meditators and high performance business executives that need assistance tapping into their inner silence.


Tuned to 14.1 Hz and benefiting form both high alpha & low beta waveforms, this charge is for individuals looking to get focused, alert & mentally stimulated whilst keeping their inner peace & presence within the moment.

Body Charge™ 

Body Charge™ infuses prana energy into your superfood supplement purifying its vital essence and maximising its energetic potency & potential. Simultaneously we encode specific frequencies that are known to entrain & attune the physical body into the desired state of being below.


Tuned to 2.5 Hz, a frequency that induces delta waveforms in the brain which allows the body to relax deeply into a parasympathetic state and naturally sedates the nervous system from overstimulation & stress.


Tuned to 62 Hz, a frequency that potentiates the feeling of presence & connection with the physicality of the body, increasing body awareness & muscular vigour. Popular with active individuals & athletes.


Tuned to 111 Hz, a sacred & holy frequency revered throughout time and encoded into ancient megalithic sites around the world. It is known to increase activity in the right prefrontal cortex and harmonise cellular environments for a holistic tune up.

Soul Charge™

Soul Charge™ infuses prana energy into your superfood supplement purifying its vital essence and maximising its energetic potency & potential. Simultaneously we encode specific frequencies that are known to entrain & attune the spiritual body into the desired state of resonance below.


Tuned to 7.83 Hz, the Schumann Resonance is also known as the earth’s heartbeat. Reconnect to the earths natural vibration and experience a state of harmonious balance & presence as your energy field entrains to Gaias.


Tuned to 33 Hz, also known as the pyramid frequency, our consciousness expansion pack encodes the vibration of the sacred secretion & kundalini awakening. Great for those who are looking to take their meditation practice to the next level & dimension.


Tuned to 528 Hz, a sacred healing solfeggio frequency that will attune your spiritual body to the heavens above. Solfeggio frequencies have been used for aeons to initiate altered states of consciousness & activate dormant abilities locked within our DNA.

DI TAO Sourced 


Ingredients used in this formula that are Di Tao sourced.

Polyrhachis Mountain Ant - We source our polyrhachis ant wild harvested from the pristine forestry high up within the Changbai Mountains of Northeast China.

Cordyceps Militaris - We source our cordyceps mushroom from the Tibetan Autonomous Zone, at the foot of the eastern end of the Himalayas.

Panax Ginseng - We source our ginseng organically cultivated in the mystical valleys of the Changbai Mountain range of Northeast China.

Purified Himalayan Shilajit - We source our shilajit wild harvested from the beautiful peaks and valleys of the Western Himalayas.

Here at Primal Alchemy, we always stress the importance of eating locally and in season with the immediate environment. By eating in accordance to the natural cycles of nature, we receive the nutrients needed to thrive in the seasonal conditions & demand, fine tune our energy field to harmonise with the land we walk upon and strengthen our connection to the source of our God self.

In traditional Chinese medicine there is a philosophy that encompasses all of the above but in the context of medicinal herbs. Di Tao is the traditional Chinese concept of sourcing the tonic herb from its spiritual homeland, its authentic true source & habitat. It is in this region only, where the environment is optimal, that the herb will grow to become the most phytochemically rich, potent & balanced.

The underlying belief in Di Tao philosophy is that herbs that grow in one region will differ from another region. Everything must be taken into consideration throughout the lifespan of the herb to potentiate its healing qualities, such as the water that nurtures it, the soil that feeds it, the insects & microorganisms that live symbiotically with it and also how it is cultivated and finally prepared.

Advisory Information

Contains milk due to the traditional preparation of KSM-66® ingredient. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication or under medical supervision, please consult a healthcare professional before use. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Not intended for persons under the age of 18

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Zen Warrior 2.0 is a potent Prana Charged™ herbal formula designed to cultivate & invigorate powerful levels of life force energy from within. Trusted for 1000s of years throughout the mystical Asian & Vedic lands, the ancient wisdom contained within our alpha herbal matrix formula is rich in essential amino acids, B vitamins and other vitalising phytochemicals that will optimise your workouts both physically and mentally.

The only pre-workout nootropic in the world to be Prana Charged with a state of the art quantum orgone energy generator. Charged to 432Hz and contained in premium miron glass for maximal energetic potency and protection.
  • Increases physical energy levels
  • Improves cognitive performance
  • Aids in lean muscle mass development
  • Supports healthy testosterone levels
  • Improves cardiovascular endurance


polyrhachis ant zen warrior primal alchemy


Polyrhachis Vicina Roger is a species of black ant traditionally known within Chinese herbalism as 'Mountain Ant' as they are found living amongst the ginseng roots of the Changbai Mountain range in China and is a premier tonic herb of TCM. Although ginseng is regarded as the 'King of herbs', Polyrhachis Ant is known as the 'herb of Kings' as it boasts a wide spectrum of adaptogenic, nootropic and Qi replenishing properties with a very distinct life force energy that surges through whomever consumes it.

Entomophagy, the dietary practice of eating insects has been part of every ancestral pharmacopoeia across the planet. Imperial records state that Polyrhachis Ant had been consumed by Dynastic bloodlines throughout the ages, shown to be popular with Empires and their noblemen elite. Holding a reputation for its ability to increase one's vitality & longevity through being uniquely both a Qi and Jing tonic, this could be due to the high amounts of ATP available, pure cellular energy contained within.

Prized for their physical strength, Polyrhachis Ants are known to lift over 100x their own bodyweight, this power is believed to be transferred through consumption, which is interesting as Mountain Ants have the highest bioavailable zinc value of any living organism, zinc is essential for optimal hormone levels, neuromuscular performance & immune system function. Rich in vitamins B12, C, D & E, powerful antioxidants such as superoxide dismutase SOD, neurotransmitter hormones and containing over 20 trace minerals including electrolytes potassium, calcium & magnesium, it is clear to see why it is so highly valued amongst royalty & herbalists. Polyrhachis Ant is also over 50% protein in weight, containing 8 essential amino acids & BCAAs, so is great for anyone looking for a nutrient dense source of premium protein.

Our Polyrhachis Ant used within Zen Warrior is Di Tao sourced & wild harvested from the pristine forestry high up within the Changbai Mountains of Northeast China. The ants are then expertly prepared & extracted with traditional hot water methods to produce a powerfully potent & concentrated 50:1 extract.
cordyceps militaris zen warrior primal alchemy


Cordyceps is a golden tier adaptogenic fungi native to the sacred Himalayan Mountains of the Tibetan plateau. Rich in a wide spectrum of species exclusive myco-nutrients, beta glucans & nucleosides, this mushroom boasts an extensive history of therapeutic use within traditional Chinese & Tibetan medicine, famed for its cellular revitalising properties, physical & mental performance enhancements and immuno-modulating capabilities.

Traditionally used exclusively by royalty and foraged deep within the Tibetan Himalayas by the Mykot herdsmen who observed their yak, sheep & goats graze on cordyceps and become increasingly resilient to the harsh environmental conditions, which led to further exploration into the effects on human health. Cordyceps got its time in the spotlight in 1993 when 3 female athletes competing in the Beijing national track & field games broke 5 world records in long distance running events. After testing negative for performance enhancing substances, their coach disclosed the secret to their success, heavy supplementation with Cordyceps in training leading up to the competition.

Cordyceps is rich in numerous nucleosides such as cordycepin & adenosine, these compounds are known to increase oxygen utilisation on a cellular level which increases the production of ATP available for energy whilst developing lung capacity for increased cardiovascular endurance. These are two of countless reasons why Cordyceps is not only one of the world's most highly respected athletic performance tonics but also an elite level nootropic with its cognitive enhancing effects. As with other medicinal mushrooms, Cordyceps and its intrinsic beta glucan profile are great immune system modulators, allowing the host to better adapt their internal environment to the stressors presented by their external environment.

We use organically grown Cordyceps Militaris from wild Himalayan spores in our Zen Warrior formulation, expertly dual extracted from the fruiting body only using traditional hot water & contemporary extraction methods to concentrate and standardise the final extract to 30% beta glucans.
ksm-66 ashwagandha zen warrior primal alchemy


Ashwagandha is the flagship poster star of Ayurvedic herbalism, revered in the Indus Valley as the "Queen of Ayurveda" and has been used by yogis and Vedic healers throughout the ages for its spirit strengthening capabilities. Ashwagandha lives up to its name & reputation, boasting a full spectrum of adaptogenic & nootropic compounds such as its inherent withanolide complex, known to give it the physical & mental endurance boosting capabilities it is prescribed for.

Ashwagandha has one of the oldest documented shout outs for its use of any herb from any ancient herbal tradition in the world. First mentioned in the 'Rig Veda', an epic of texts compiled around 1500 BC and then frequently referenced in successive Vedas, these texts describe Ashwagandha as a premier healing tonic capable of enhancing physical vitality and amplifying sexual energy within whomever consumed it.

Modern science has shown Ashwagandha to interact with the HPA axis and help regulate the stress hormone cortisol, this has been shown to boost testosterone to healthy levels and as a result increase muscular strength & power output, intensify libido and lower levels of stress & anxiety. Ashwagandha and its unique group of flavonoids called withanolides possess the power to restore harmony within the human nervous and greater ecosystem. Known as a dual directional adaptogen, Ashwagandha is capable of adapting to what your body needs in the moment, it can sedate an overstimulated CNS or excite it, it can boost an under-active immune system or rest an over-activated one, all depending on your internal environments needs, a stunning example of plant intelligence at work.

We use the world's best Ashwagandha in our Zen Warrior, KSM-66 is a patented root extract of Ashwagandha standardised to the highest percentage of withanolides on the market at 5%. The KSM-66 Ashwagandha used is organically cultivated and has been shown to be the most bioavailable extract available using 100% root material with guaranteed zero leaf filler unlike a lot of other inferior extracts.
panax ginseng root zen warrior primal alchemy


Panax Ginseng traditionally referred to as Ren Shen and the 'King of herbs' within its homeland of Ancient Asia, is a royal Qi tonic & adaptogenic root rich in many pharmacologically active compounds such as a group of triterpene saponins called ginsenosides. These compounds are really the keys to Panax Ginsengs legacy within traditional Chinese medicine and why it is widely regarded as one of the world's premier herbal panaceas & full spectrum nootropics.

Not to be confused with the inferior American or Siberian Ginseng species, true Panax Ginseng was viewed as the top major herb by Shennong, the mythical sage ruler of Ancient Asia in a collection of written transcriptions of his oral wisdom tradition called "The Shennong Ben Cao Jing" dating back to 200 CE. For thousands of years ginseng was restricted for use by anyone outside of royalty, its life nourishing & rejuvenating effects available only to the Empire and his priesthood.

With its ability to harmonise the over and under activity of the organs & glands via the HPA axis and the power to fortify the major meridian systems responsible for the creation and circulation of energy, the spleen & lung meridian. Panax Ginseng is a potent adaptogen, natural energy stimulant & cognitive enhancer with its balancing mechanism on neurotransmitters. Also used throughout history for its testosterone boosting capabilities, Panax Ginseng is a prized aphrodisiac, known to surge sexual energy through whomever ingests it in its final prepared state, regardless of gender or age.

Our Panax Ginseng used within Zen Warrior is Di Tao sourced & organically cultivated in its spiritual homeland, the Changbai Mountains of Northeast China. We use 6 year old + aged roots only, carefully selected and then expertly dual extracted and standardised to 10% ginsenosides for the most potent extract possible.
shilajit zen warrior primal alchemy


Shilajit is the Zeus of the herbal kingdom, unparalleled in its nutritional power & magical properties, famed for being an elite golden tier natural adaptogen, nootropic, immune booster & cellular optimiser. Formed through the process of humification from the compressed ancient forestry of the Indian & Asian landmasses that collided over 50 million years ago that forged the Himalayan Mountains and the end result of natural geochemical alchemy over millions of years, transforming into a nutrient & mineral rich biomass that seeps out of the mountain rock in the summer months.

Shilajit was first officially documented in the ancient Ayurvedic text "The Charaka Samhita" written in 200 BC, where it was called the destroyer of weakness & conquerer of mountains. Shilajit was a closely guarded secret of the yogis of the Himalayas for many centuries, who shared their knowledge of the substance with Persian Emperors Darius & Xerxes, who took it themselves and gave it to their elite imperial guards, the immortals.

Shilajit is perhaps the most potent rejuvenator and anti-aging remedy known to mankind, containing 85+ minerals in their ionic form, vitamins, numerous powerful phytonutrients and most importantly it is rich in fulvic acid. An organic compound, fulvic acid interacts with our cellular biology, potentiating our cells ability to absorb vital electrolytes & antioxidants amongst numerous other nutrients. By optimising these metabolic pathways, Shilajit drastically increases the bioavailability and effectiveness of anything it is combined with, which is why it is used within all of our formulas. Apart from its intrinsic nutritional value, Shilajit has novel energetic properties. Measurements of subtle energy changes indicate that is has a vibratory field that is stronger than any other known vitamin, mineral, food or herb. This could be why yogis have used it as a vital plant ally in their spiritual practices for many millennia.

The Shilajit used within Zen Warrior is Di Tao sourced from the same Himalayan mountains that have empowered Vedic sages & yogis on their quest for immortality throughout time. The shilajit is wild harvested from deep within the Western Himalayas, where it is then purified & extracted using traditional Ayurvedic techniques and standardised to 50% fulvic acid.